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Virginia Harper

Honest Background Check and Public Records Search

Standing in Front of House - Background Checks

V Y Harper in Los Angeles, California, hunts facts for background checks, public records searches, and pre-trial research. The private investigation firm leaves no stone unturned. V Y Harper provides services for: 

• Banks and Financial Service Companies
• Corporations and Small Businesses
• Writers, Publishers, and Journalists
• Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups,
   and Legislators
• Government Agencies
• Advertising and Public Relations
• Film and Television Producers
• Private Parties
• Lawyers
• Insurance Companies

Background Checks

Through V Y Harper’s services, you will discover if a person has a criminal background. You can also have access to their complete employment history. V Y Harper conducts comprehensive searches of a variety of online databases, public records, and courthouse documents across the nation.

Pre-Trial Research

Thorough investigation prior to trial can reduce litigation time and put you in control of the case. From visiting crime scenes and interviewing witnesses, to researching insurance claims, the firm provides accurate results for both civil and criminal cases.

Contact her in Los Angeles, California, for a thorough background check and public records search.