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Dependable Asset Search, Background Check, and
Pre-Trial Research

Virginia Harper

Comprehensive Asset Search

Sometimes, a person’s toys uncover more than public records searches. V Y Harper of Los Angeles, California, offers a practical asset search by looking into a person’s properties such as boats, planes, homes, and bank accounts to divulge their true net worth.

Benefits of Asset Search

Let V Y Harper do the research for you. Make informed decisions through the facts and figures that the firm present. An asset search is necessary for:

Magnifying Glass - Asset Search
• Researching Companies and Properties for Investments or Joint Ventures 
• Determining Availability of Assets and Secure Financial Interest
• Investigating Merger and Acquisition Opportunities
• Identifying Associations and Uncovering Conflicts of Interest
• Identifying Assets for Recovery and All Involved Parties
• Determining Credit Worthiness of a Business
• Preparing, Filing, and Tracking UCC Filings
• Confirming the Legitimacy of a Business
• Collecting Defaulted Payments
• Investigating Fraud
• Discovering Adverse Filings
• Measuring Risk

Contact her in Los Angeles, California, for meticulous asset search.